Christina Aquilera ANTHEM : They said FAIL

Jackie said: I can’t believe she messed up, she should have been rehearsing all weekend.

Mary Tale said: Leave her alone! She’s still an amazing singer! She was very nervous and she forgot some words – so what??? WE’RE ONLY HUMAN!!! There are more important issues on this freakin planet than someone singin a song the wrong way!!! -.-

Tracy said: Ok, Mary, first of all, it’s not just “someone singin a song the wrong way”…it’s our National Anthem!!! Secondly, she’s been performing professionally since she was like 10 years old so, while I’m sure there are still some level of nerves at play, that’s not an excuse. In my opinion, there is no higher honor for a singer than to be chosen to sing our National Anthem and to screw it up is inexcusable!

el polacko said: ouch.. my ears !! xtina butchered the anthem…it does not require screaming…and can nobody sing a melody anymore without doing all sorts of ridiculous runs that throw them off of the melody altogether ?? learning the lyrics may have been a good idea too…shame on her.

FedUp said : Only one word to describe her performance—–PITIFUL

Melbert said : That performance was absolutely disgraceful! Why do they torture a beautiful song like that? I agree El, nobody can sing a song anymore without doing all those ridiculous runs. It totally ruined it for me

IM1Lucky said : I think it ought to be a stipulation that anyone given the honor of singing our national anthem at ANY event will agree to sing the song the way it was written and not the way they “interpret” it. It seems it has become less about honoring our country by singing our anthem than “showboating” by the singer. For me, anytime a singer does this to our anthem, it’s a “FAIL”

MissZee said: she shouldn’t have messed up. i’m sorry but she failed

2446733 said: I think a singer like her must pratise the national anthem without watching the lyrics,because everyone memorize the lyrics in a very young age.
Your mind may go blank when you do such an important show,so she messed up some lyrics even after so many time rehearsals.
Because she is a person just like everybody.Everyone may forget something very simple sometimes.
So i think her mistake is forgivable,right?

Kimberly Menning-Day said: it seemed that she was more interested in making the anthem fancy than remembering the words. however…she is human and no matter how much training she has she’s still allowed to make mistakes. i’m not a fan…just saying.

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