Mothman:Mothman an alleged November 12, 1966 in West Virginia from December 1967 point seen in the area of positive (living) creature is  Most observers large reflective red eyes and large wings shape a person (living) creature of Mothman as specified .. Old never had reported as being the head, with eyes set in his chest.

A number of hypotheses to explain the witness accounts, misidentification and coincidence, by the extraordinary events and conspiracy theories have been presented with.
Mothman’s glowing red eyes and wings of an insect the size of a man (the great) was as described. Others have described it with a head and chest up their eyes. Mothman who saw a 7 – foot long – Biology (2.1 meters) as long as it is described large wings and red eyes. This an unusual outcry that a mile away can hear. This wing, which change color under the white or light blue color, skin color can be. It is known that if a person on their body or skin is very fine is not like fur. It has great power as a car as heavy as anything has raised.
November 15, 1966 and Roger and Linda point pleasant Scarberry, and Steve and Mary Mallette with two young couples with their young cousin,, Lonnie button Scarberrys the car was traveling late at night. The 2,500 acres (10 square km) McClintic Wildlife Management Area, when they let in the shadow by an old red light is found in West Virginia Ordnance Works, a point of World War II TNT factory, North Point about seven miles from the pleasant, were walking generator plant near the factory gate. He stopped the car and allegedly found a large animal that light shining red eyes, was “like a man’s size, but big, six and a half or seven feet long can be, with big wings tied on the back, “according to Roger Scarberry. Nervous, the way he is 62, where (living) creature is believed to 100 miles per hour over their pace pushed back.

A plaque on the Mothman statue provides a version of the original legend: “. November 1966, a chilly, fall night two young couples point pleasant, West Virginia, pushed north of the TNT area when he noticed that They were not alone “on the way out from under driving, be on top of a nearby (living) creature was seen standing. This together with the wings and the car blew up the city limits. Removed from the Mason County Court Deputy Millard Halstead, who later said, to alert “I know these kids all their life. He was never in any trouble and want it really scared them that night. was taken seriously. ” He then Roger Scarberry’s car back the secret behind former U.S. Federal bomb and missile factory, but a strange one (great) find no trace of. According to foreign book € e animal Janet and Colin Bord, Scarberry home of a poltergeist attack, was later that night, during which the creature was seen several times.
The following night, November 16, several armed townspeople Mothman TNT plant for signs of the area around the level. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wamsley, and Mrs. Marcella Bennett with her infant daughter Teena, a car was in NC visiting my friends on the way, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Thomas, near the igloos were living in a small house ( concrete dome-shaped dynamite storage structures during WW II, near the TNT plant stand). igloos were now empty, some owned by the county, plans to use them for storage by other companies. They’re going back in his car when a figure appeared behind their car was parked. Mrs. Bennett said that it was looked like he fell, slowly on the ground, eyes big and bright red with gray stand. While Wamsley phoned the police, the creature walked on the porch and peered in the window.

24 November, four people allegedly flying on the TNT area (living) creature is seen. November 25, Thomas Ury,, with the 62 route from TNT was driving north in the morning only creature in an area claimed to be seen standing, and then her wings and flew away, and Thomas Point pleasant sped to the office of Master .

Then inform a Mothman January 11, 1967 the city was reported on the bridge hovering, and others have said many times that same year. Sightings of Mothman at the town’s bridge, Silver Bridge, when 46 deaths were reported after the fall of. Silver Bridge, so its aluminum-colored name, a eyebar chain suspension bridge over the Ohio River Point pleasant, West Virginia and the Gallipolis, Ohio linked to city. Bridge was built in 1928, and December 15, 1967 ended on. Investigate the wreckage of a suspension bridge a small production in China due to lack of time one eye pointed to failure. Rumors that the Mothman appears before upcoming disasters and trying to warn people think. After that, mothman point pleasant was never seen again.
Word “Mothman” by a Ohio newspaper copyeditor an invention (it was, after the first “Big Bird” sightings reported of.

Mothman first hand about the contents of a storage life language book Mothman prophecies 1975, out in a language chronology of Mothman and what he does in the region, including events related parapsychological precognitions, claims to be I have found witnesses, and Silver Bridge on December 15, 1967 collapse spread through the Ohio River.

Language is the first book of a 2002 film, Mothman prophecies, Richard Gere, Laura Linney, Debra messing, and Will Patton, Mark Pellington was directed by starring basis. Eighth Tower also a companion book released in 1975, Mothman predicted by published were derived from edited by content.

May June 2002 issue of doubt in Inquirer journalist John C. Sherwood, voice barkr hoaxer Gray is a former business partner, during an investigation of language barkr between language and personal letters published an analysis. In this article, “Bunk barkr book is the nuts”, Sherwood language during their investigation and written language Mothman reports about his first book is written in this book to ask questions about the accuracy of the main differences between exists. Sherwood also a trick in barkr barkr attended to some of hoaxes, as to “Richard Pratt” presented is revealed.

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, low / Screen Gems studio together and as a documentary film by David Grabias was told, is the fictional film from two campaign spokesman (language to another as work on “in search of the Mothman” is, although the involvement of language was limited by health) .

Andy Colvin, a photographer and documentary filmmaker who claims to see Mothman, has produced two books and a reality series on Mothman called Mothman photographer, John language and feature about 50 witnesses. 1973 Colvin sister is in the background that allegedly shows a Garuda in a snapshot taken.

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