cigar guy tiger woods

Who is Cigar Guy? That’s what everyone is wondering after seeing the picture taken of father of two Tiger Woods during the weekend’s Ryder Cup that shows Cigar Guy cheering in the right corner. Let’s back up a second: The photo itself is what gained attention at first. It shows a golf ball coming at the cameraman Sunday as Woods tried to chip onto the green. It’s a very cool and unique shot, but it became an internet sensation not because of Tiger.

cigar guy tiger woods
Instead, it’s the random guy in the right corner who’s getting attention around the world. Amidst a crowd of cap-wearing, windbreaker-sporting, non-smoking fans, Cigar Guy stands out. He is smoking a big cigar, and he’s got an expression of amazement on his face, as though he’d just seen Woods cure cancer.

But is he a hoax? Was he photoshopped in? That’s the big question, and I have to say, my first thought was yes. To me, Cigar Guy looks like comedian Rob Schneider – you know how he always shows up in random roles in Adam Sandler movies?

And there’s a faint halo around his head that screams Photoshop … though it may also be screaming “poor picture quality on the web.”

Another theory: Perhaps Woods paid this guy to come stand near him and take some of the heat off. We all know he hadn’t been playing well after last year’s trouble. (And he did pretty well this weekend!)

Other people on the web have embraced the Cigar Guy mystique.( These are the same people who came up with the Sad Keanu thing a few months ago, presumably.) They’ve made their own pictures – here and here – that are pretty funny. To me, Cigar Guy is an optimist and a fan who happened to be in the right place at the right time. Hope he enjoys his 15 minutes – if he is indeed real.


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