Show adsense between Post Blogger

Here the tips how to show your adsense inside your blogger post. It's very useful tips which can boost your revenue through adssense. The right placement of your adsense makes your visitor doesn't know that it is ads either.
adsense revenues

So.. check it out this trick and apply to your blog
  1. login to your blogger account
  2. click design 
  3. click "HTML"
  4. find the tag  <data:post.body>
  5. place these codes above it
  6. <div style='float:right; margin-left:5px;'> YOUR ADSENSE CODE </div>
  7. don't forget to convert your adsense code. Since blogger HTML doesn't support adsense code. To convert adsense code click here 
  8. save templates
  9. Finish

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