Moderating Comments

As the time goes on, there are many comments come to our blog. Some of the visitors really want to join you in the conversation of the topics. However, you will find comments those are only spam comments or just want to hurt people.
In order to maintain your blog integrity, it's important to moderate the comments those come in. We don't want any visitors who visit our blog leave from our blog with hurtful heart. Huh!!
To configure the comments left on your blog, follow the steps below:

  • log in to your blogger account
  • click the dashboard
  • click setting
  • click comments
see the figure below:

  • scroll to the comment moderation section

  • select the radio button nex to always, only on posts older than days, or never to configure which commentc you want to hold for review before they publish to your blog.
  • If you alter always, or only on posts older than days, an email address will automatically appear. Type your email address in this box if you want be notified via email.
  • Finish and enjoy commenting in my blog 

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