Indonesia school of corruption

As an Indonesian, I am embarassed by many people who should responsible with education world in Indonesia.
Once, my friend, a teacher of the Senior High School came and told some stories.
"How can Indonesia grow into a great country?"
I asked suspiciously. He always has some fresh views around all social problems here. Idleness, poverty, stupidiness (if it is english) and so on.
"The fund which should be given to the students called BOS (School Operational Aids) is corrupted by some fellows."

I am more interested with the interesting topic he argued.
"Some fellows who should keep the responsility of education, indeed. If I were a president, I would get them to jail, sure!!"
"Haha!! Fortunately you are not a president. If you are, I am sure the first thing you have to do before jailing them, you have to build tens, even hundreds prison houses."
"Yes, really!!"
 "There is a satanic circle I did not know where to cut. Even Mr president doesn't know."
He continued,
"where many people suffered by poverty and many social problems, they stole the money as if they are deserved to them. The headmaster, the school investigators, the school commitee acted like dogs chew their brothers' bones."
"Ohhh!! I see. And?" 
I smiled. He finally yelled emotionally.
"And if I were a president, I must get them to jails."
"Good. You are a good citizen."
And the story goes by. I really know that my friend won't be a president untill he died, and maybe untill he died the problem he speaks out hasn't overcome yet.
However, Who knows the miracle comes sooner......
For Better Indonesia. Tanah Air Beta.

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